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TPCare Product Warranty Policy

In order to provide better after-sales service and make consumers confident in the product, creates TPCare 3-year warranty for original new products. If end users have already bought the manufacturers’ services, please follow the manufacturers’ warranty policies.

Basic Policy

1. For enterprise-level products that are faulty due to the quality of the product itself under normal use, will be responsible for a limited warranty during the 3-year warranty period.
2. The warranty period of consumer devices is one year, and standard accessories are guaranteed with their host, the accessories which are purchased separately have their original warranty.
3. If product failure, please contact the after-sales support Hotline +1-213-723-1705 (USA) directly. If it is confirmed to be a hardware problem, our engineers of the after-sales support hotline will designate the after- sales service center to contact the clients. will provide efficient and high-quality services for global clients.
4. If there is a need for the purchased product beyond the standard warranty, welcome to call the pre-sales consultation hotline +1-213-723-1705 (USA) to inquire about the various types of warranty upgrades, warranty extension and other gold medals carefully prepared for users.
5. The warranty period of the product is subject to the warranty period announced by For details (warranty period and warranty level), please check the content below. The specific warranty information of each machine is subject to the system records.

Detailed policy

1. Please keep the product warranty card and the invoice or its copy issued by our company. During maintenance, you will be required to present the above certificates as the basis for warranty.
2. The warranty start date of the product is the invoice date. However, if the invoice date is later than the delivery date, the delivery date shall be the grace period for this type of product as the warranty start date of the product.
3. The grace period refers to the period of time from the date the machine is shipped from the factory until the product is finally delivered. There are different grace periods for unique products. The maximum grace period shall not exceed 2 months.
4. On-site service is not available in some countries/regions. provides remote service or after-sales maintenance service back to the place of origin. In countries/regions excluded from service by, where there are geographical barriers, undeveloped roads, or areas where public transport is not suitable for regular travel, maintenance services need to be negotiated and provided at a surcharge.
5. The repaired machine will continue to enjoy the warranty service during the warranty period; if it is less than three months from the end of the warranty period, replaced spare parts will enjoy three-month warranty from the date of replacement.
6. Spare parts replaced by maintenance are owned by
7. Users are fully responsible for the security of their data. Before maintenance, the users need to back up the data and programs by themselves, and and TPCare Service Center will not be responsible for any data missed, damage of programs or storage media.
8. Please refer to the instructions on the product box for the manufacturing location of the product.

RMA Policy

The customer must return defective products in accordance with the terms of the applicable product warranty or hardware support contract. From the date notifies the customer to confirm the RMA policy, the customer must return the defective parts or machinery according to the return material provided by
In the Authorization (RMA) process, needs to receive the defective parts or machinery within 10 calendar days. If the customer has received the spare parts, has not returned the defective part (must provide a compliant quantity and serial number within 20 calendar days), or the returned part or machine equipment is more than 20 calendar days, may:
※ The customer is charged for the full list price (not discounted) for the parts not returned.
※ Reduction or denial of service until parts is returned or payment for non-returns is made.


The following situations are not covered by the warranty:
For non-hardware technical problems you can inquiry the engineer support email or call the after-sales support hotline +1 213 723 1705 (USA).
※ Products, parts or spare parts that are not provided by or replaced by users themselves, and the spare parts are not purchased from or partners.
※ Cleaning or normal maintenance of the product
※ Consumable materials (eg. shell, natural consumption, wear and aging of connector parts)
※ Failure or damage caused by wrong installation, operation (such as live plugging and unplugging of data cables, etc.), or use in a working environment that is not specified by the product (such as temperature is too high, too low, too humid or dry, too high altitude, The voltage or current is unstable, the zero-ground voltage is too large, etc.)
※ Damage due to accident, abuse (including overload), misuse
※ Damage caused by improper storage (such as rodent damage, liquid infiltration, etc.)
※ Due to the use of self-compiled or non-publicly distributed software, the product does not work properly
※ Computer virus infection caused by improper maintenance
※ Failure or damage caused by installation and use of non-standard expansion function cards
※ Failure or damage caused by unauthorized disassembly, repair or unauthorized modification or abuse
※ Damage caused by repairs performed by non- authorized repair centers
※ Failure or damage caused by man-made or natural disasters

Scope of Warranty

Global customers who buy products from

Special Notes

1. The foregoing terms set forth all responsibilities of regarding the products and are replaced of all other express and implied warranties and/or other liabilities. Techplusus's liability to the user is limited to the repair and/or replacement of the product in accordance with the above terms when the product is not functioning properly. Other than that, there are no other guarantees.
2. For any direct or indirect loss caused by the user's inability to use the products provided by for any reason, only undertakes the responsibilities required by the trade terms.
3. In any case, shall not be responsible for these loss: the loss caused by the loss of the user's product; the loss caused by the damage to the intangible property such as data records, materials and/or programs; the loss caused by the third party's claim to the user for compensation.
4. This warranty is effective from the date of public posting on the website.
5. The right to interpret the above policy belongs to

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